Why did we choose Health Essence?

high standard

The production process of Health Essence is very rigorous. It strictly controls the quality of the products produced and complies with GMP production standards. It has the approval number of Australian Drug Administration and has been listed in ARTG, Australian Registry of Therapeutic Products.

Pure Nature

HealthEssence in line with the brand concept of "natural health", select pure natural plant essence, without adding chemical components, to ensure product safety, while ensuring high content and high efficiency of the product.


Each product has an "Made in Australia" trademark. It is produced by Aussia Company, which serves the major high-quality health products brands in Australia. It guarantees the professionalism of the production line and the safety and quality of the products.

A GIFT from nature life

Skinvigorate with Marine Collagen

Collagen can prevent wrinkles from aging skin. When skin begins to age and wrinkles appear, collagen can be used to improve and remove them. Collagen not only acts on facial skin, but also on hair, bones, muscles, chest, weight loss and wounds. Collagen from deep-sea fish skin has good water-replenishing and moisturizing ability, which can make skin moist and shiny, shrink pore, make skin tight and elastic, and can effectively accelerate the growth of dermal cells, activate epidermal cells, maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. It is a healthy, bright and transparent skin. FIND OUT

The liver is not only the largest digestive organ in the human body, but also an important detoxification organ in the human body. It is an indispensable "chemical factory" for the human body. The liver is an important detoxification organ of the body. The toxic substances absorbed by the intestinal and gastrointestinal tracts are all converted into non-toxic substances through detoxification procedures in the liver, and then discharged through bile or urine.

Joint Care Glucosamin

Calcium is a necessary constant element in human body, and it is also the most inorganic element in human body. Calcium plays an important physiological regulating role in the function of all human cells, so that human organs can function normally.



Kangaroo Power Formula

Vigorous treasure can significantly improve the physical condition of men, alleviate various male physiological diseases caused by stress, prevent sports anemia, promote the recovery of fatigue accumulation, prevent male sexual dysfunction caused by stress, and promote hormone-like. BUY IT〉